Waterproof Wraps & Nappy Covers – Complete Guide

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Confused by all the different parts of cloth nappies? Not sure what a cover is and when you need to use one? Read our complete guide to outer wraps!

What is a nappy wrap or cover?

A nappy cover is designed as part of a two-piece nappy system and is designed to go outside two-piece nappies. You only need to use them with two-pieces systems, not with a pocket or all in one nappy.

How do nappy wraps work?

A nappy cover is the outer waterproof wrap. It is usually made from PUL but can be made from wool or fleece. It keeps the moisture contained within the nappy or inserts.

Do you need to pre-wash nappy wraps?

No! You can always wash to remove any manufacturing residue but they do not need extensive prewashing.

How often should you wash nappy wraps?

Like nappies, we recommend washing your dirty reusable nappy covers every 2-3 days.

Can I tumble dry nappy covers?

No, it is not recommended to tumble dry cloth nappy covers as this can cause a problem with them.

How often to change nappy covers?

This depends on your baby and the dirty nappy. Usually every 2-3 nappy changes they will need completely changing for a fresh clean one. In between that if just damp you can wipe down with a reusable wipe and reuse it. For newborns, they may need to be changed at every change, especially if the breastfed poop has leaked onto them.

How many nappy covers do I need?

This depends on the nappies you are using, your child. A good rule of thumb is 1 outer wrap for every 3 inserts. We always recommend 6-8 covers for newborns and about 3-5 for older children.

Are wraps sized or one size?

They can be both, check the brand and style on the nappy shop to see its sizing range. The manufacturer should be able to give any further advice if needed. Onesize tend to be of great value.

What brands of nappy covers page?

Close Parent, Bambino Mio, Tots Bots – all the major reusable nappy company usually make their own brand of wraps. You don’t ne

Can I mix and match wraps and nappies between brands?

Yes! It doesn’t matter if you have different brand nappies and covers, you can mix and match them, within reason. Some wraps are wide fitting and work better with fitted nappies. Some wraps are narrow fitting and work better with prefolds or hybrid types.

How easy are they to use?

Once you get used to using them they are very simple. If you have a really wriggly baby they may be slightly more awkward.

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