Vest Extenders: You Get a More Comfortable Fit for Cloth Nappies

Extend the life of your vests and onesies with the ingenious vest extender!

Nappy Wet Bags: The Ultimate Guide

Nappy wet bags are flexible storage containers that you can use them for anything other than nappies. Learn how to use your nappy bag creatively.

Cloth Nappy Buckets And Wet Bags

Cloth Nappy Buckets And Wet Bags

Amongst the frequently asked questions when talking about reusable nappies are the concerns about where do you store dirty nappies until you are ready to put them in the washing machine.

Nappy Liners

Nappy Liners – Complete Guide

Essentially, a Nappy Liner is a layer of cloth that traps solids while allowing liquids to pass through and into the nappy. Liners have no absorbency value and are only intended to make nappy changes more convenient for the parent.

Nappy Boosters

Nappy Boosters

You may have a heavy wetter who needs extra all the time, a toddler who is going for longer between wee or a baby going through a growth spurt.

Changing bag for reusable nappie

Changing bag for reusable nappies : What to consider

When considering a bag for cloth nappies, there are a few key considerations that you must take into account.

Mesh Laundry Bag

Do I need a mesh washing bag for cloth nappies?

If you are using a nappy bucket (dry pailing your nappies), then whilst you don’t have to have a mesh bag, we suggest that you do.

Guide to nappy boosters & liners

Inserts, Boosters & Liners for Cloth Nappies

There is often confusion between boosters and liners however they actually serve very different purposes. This guide is designed to give you an insight into their differences.

baby wipes guide

Reusable Baby Wipes : Everything you need to know!

Washable wipes are so easy on the environment because they help reduce landfill waste of disposable baby wipes AND they save money!