Nappy Types

Lots of people feel that starting out with reusable nappies can be really complicated so we are here to help try to simplify and explain things.

All nappies whether they are cloth or disposable are made up of three layers; a stay dry layer, absorbent material, and a waterproof layer. In a disposable these are all built into one, with cloth nappies these can be all built into one, you could have to put all three layers together yourself or any combination in-between. While this is slightly more work it allows you to customise the nappy to your child’s requirements. Extra boosters can be added to increase absorbency and placed in the part of the nappy that your child wees the most, for example boys tend to wee at the front while girls tend to wee more in the middle of the nappy.

This means that the waterproof outer and absorbent material are attached to each other. This can either be sewn together to look like a disposable or able to unfold for quicker drying. Examples include Tots Bots Easyfit, BumgeniusFreetime and Bumgenius Elemental

These look very much like a disposable. It has a waterproof outer and a pocket opening at the front or back where the absorbency can be inserted. This allows for quick drying and adaptability of the in

A fitted nappy is the absorbent material. It will need a waterproof cover. It is essentially the same as a terry square but pre-folded for you. Little Lamb bamboo nappies are a great example of these.sorts used.

A flat nappy or prefold is a nappy you need to fold yourself. The nappy is the absorbent material and you will need to add a waterproof outer. Terry nappies are a flat nappy and one of the cheapest options. Flip nappies are an example of a prefold and are great for going on holiday.

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All in Two Nappies

All in Two Nappies

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