How to get baby poop stains out of clothes & cloth nappies?

The best way to treat any stain, but especially baby poop stains, is to remove it immediately wash it thoroughly in water for 30 seconds then rinse it in a clean solution and rinse as many times as possible after. Sometimes Baby spills on her body when I go to church and I don’t have to just place it in the sink to clean off. Sometimes I put them in our laundry room basket to be “pre-treated later” only to have my amazing husband pick up my load of laundry and not treat the stain ahead. Nonetheless, the test is far from ideal. It’s the same as my first three.

How to clean yellow breastfed baby poop off clothes

Tell me the best way to clean bright yellow poop from breastfeeding babies. The stomach of breastfeeding babies has some amazing features, especially for cleaning & preserving your baby from drop splosions. These are affiliate links. As an Amazon appointee, I earn on qualifying purchases for support the product on lists qualified purchases. Return home – Mail Online. Contact us at [link] for further information on baby poo, poosplosion videos and cleaning products. Back at your original place. Natural stain removers can be used to remove poop stains.

How do I get rid of baby poop?

Use a little baby wipe on a soft garment. Rinse off the remaining mess using hot water to the sink. After this wash in the washroom use the heavyduty settings for washing and the sanitize/warm cycle. If the clothing still leaves stains, wash again adding bleach or hydrogen peroxide to the wash cycle. Toss on dry cloth to dry the baby’s urine and put it in the dryer. It’s acceptable to throw in other clothes and put on loads of clothes to clean them off. Throw this into the dryer. remove baby poop stains with sunlight, believe it or not the suns will make the poo stains yellow stains fade away.


You have a lot of clothes in which the soiled one should have left to dry. Breastfed babies are water soluble so the water will dissolve completely as well and no one will have an obstruction. You can shake off the excess poo from the toilet if there is too much diaper poo on the outfit but remember that exclusively breast-fed baby poop is water toll resistant and will not clot the drain pipe. Keep in mind that the breast poo you are consuming is primarily water-soluble so you should have it pumped through the pipe in an order not to disturb any water. Baby food stains and baby formula stains often need more work!


Breastfeeding poop may be the least painful poop you encounter in your life. Use some dish soap to soak the skin vigorously and wash it out. Repeat. If your scrub brush is not suitable or you’re afraid to use it, just use your palms to scrub the stain. You need to remove the stain immediately and then flush it to your bowl of wash. It’s not blue Dawn but I use almost everything dish washing soap and it’s been working just fine. That helped me understand the breast milk as just processed milk!


Soak your stains even when you want to wash them off when it rains or you lack a sun ray. Ultra violet radiation that bleaches the dye out of water always present. Usually this can be done in indirect sunlight (even if this happens only in one window). It’s the easiest way to succeed in 4 steps for me. And as a cloth diapering mom my bright white diapers (the one that has been pooped with two baby boys in the house repeatedly) are still white. Don’t be frightened with these diaper blows! You absolutely get that.

Poop Stain Removal Method #1 – Dish Soap

Friends suggested Dawn Blue dish soap. I also have pink Ajax soap. I took a video of my going-to washing procedure for you. In all honesty I have found that fleece is the easiest material for a poop stains remover. He doesn’t have time. Tell me why. Although there were many things I tried this in it as well, like a crib bed sheet which has Wite-Out permanently stained. That is something I don’t have any knowledge of removing. This is certainly a step up from the basic soap.

Poop Stain Removal Method #2 – Fels Napth

It’s available at Walmart for around $1. Put some water and a bar in it and scrub it down and let them rest for a couple of minutes before wiping off. It worked for me pretty well and it worked for inspired housewife too. The bar can be ordered in Amazon and can be ordered through Walmart for $1 and available through Amazon and other major internet retailers in one day.

Poop Stain Removal Method #3 – Sunshine

Even staining was eliminated by sunlight – a blogger said. If it was really bad you could add a little lemon juice and dry it outside. I installed my portable drying trays outside and let this one in the warm Texas sun. Just a couple hours later it dried and oh how the Onesie looks: Impressive right? It felt stiff when taking the lemon juice but I ran it through wash after wash to soften it. I’m also doing this for yellowing stored baby clothes and it’s working really great.

Poop Stain Removal Method #4 – OxiClean/Pep

OxiClean Baby Cleaning Gel Stick is a convenient way to remove set baby stains from clothes. The rubber can be used to clean up stains found on the clothes of your child resulting from washing. Use the 3-Day Cleaning System for scrubbing and removing poop stains within 3 days. See other stain removal and laundry tutorials to learn how to remove dry stains and odors from clothing even for damp diapers and carpets. What are your favorite methods? Download Cleaning Tips printable materials?

Try white vinegar

Mix up to 1 tablespoon White Vinegar in a spray bottle. Spraying solution over a stained spot let it settle. After several minutes put the washing machine into a hygienic condition. It also works well with apple cider vinegar the cleaning expert states. This method also works like that for apple cider vinegar as well. For more information click here.

How do I get rid of poop from carpets and clothes?

Babies, puppies and kittens can often be the reason behind an unwanted stain. While poop is unpleasant it can be removed from clothing, carpets, rugs and more. The Good Housekeeping Institute Cleaning Lab has at least two of the aforementioned methods dependent on the location of the stain. You probably own some of the necessary supplies to get them back to looking.

Sprinkle with baking soda

If the stain has dried you should rinse with cool water and rid yourself of accumulated residue. Sprinkled lightly on baking soda and lightly scrubped using a soft brush. Wash and place them in the dishwasher with a little bleach for the second round. Avoid bleaching if it isn’t White Washing and if the underwear is from a delicate material such as lace knickers. You can also add some white vinegar as above and use stain remover in the same place on the same place for about 10 minutes – or whatever the product instructions suggest – and throw the underwear back into your.

Removing Stubborn Poop Stains

This is a natural bleacher that works miracles for practically any stains. The answer is less clear if you are living somewhere with a dreadfully cold winter or in an apartment lacking a room for clothing inside. Plus you always have such stubborn stains.

Remove the poop

A cloth diaper sprayer is a wonderful solution and could be glued to the toilet to ensure your safety. Unless you’re dealing with pet poop on the carpet you have enough to be able to collect it as easily (with a cloth bag or rubber gloves.) Try to collect as much poop as possible with plastic bags and r.

Dry in the sun

Alternatively, hang clothes on your pillow before washing in cold air. Don’t hang your coloured and printed dress on the outside to thwart fade. Hang cloth diapers “hot-dog style” to keep elastics in place.

Scrub and sit

After adding scrubbing to a surface stains remover. Let it soak for at least 2 1/2 hours after cleansing and then wash.

Soak in water

Make the garments poopy in water. Use spray bottles for cleaning up stain.

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