Are baths good or bad for diaper rash?

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You may have heard baths are great for healing babies diaper rash. Then again, you may have heard baths make a rash worse because they dry out the skin.

So what’s the truth? are baths good to help with diaper rash or do they make it worse?

Actually, it can be both!

So, baths yes or no for diaper rash?

We did some digging and the answer may surprise you.

Let’s start by clarifying a few things about what we mean when we say “diaper rash.” There are several types of diaper rash and depending on the type of diaper rash your baby has, and the type of irritants you may be putting in the bath, your baby bath might be either helping or hindering your child’s skin healing.

Overall if you use natural products, yes those age-old remedies your granny keeps going on about, then they usually really help diaper rash. If you use mass-produced products, these may have skin irritants in which will make a child with sensitive skin more inflamed and make a diaper rash worse.

Does a bath help with diaper rashes?

Yes, as long as you are not using any irritant baby bubble baths or other baby lotions in the bath. Many baby toiletries may be making the situation worse if your child has sensitive skin and these are irritating it. Remember when you are considering if baths are good or bad for your child, there is no one size fits all answer

Babies skin can be extremely sensitive to many chemicals in bath water and soap

This is why mass-produced bubble baths, special shampoos and lotions can actually make an existing diaper rash worse.

Do baths make diaper rash worse?

Baths, on the other hand, are thought to be harmful to diaper rash by some people. This is due to the fact that water may strip your baby’s skin of its natural oils, causing dryness and discomfort.

If you use a bubble bath that contains toxins, artificial perfumes, and artificial colors, among other things, your baby’s skin may become dry.

Treating Baby’s Diaper Rash

The first stage in dealing with diaper rash is working out what is causing the rash, then removing that irritant or allergy from babies lifestyles. Most diaper rashes will clear up once the irritant is removed.

A lot of diaper rash is caused by not cleaning and drying the baby properly at diaper change time. When you put on a fresh diaper, it’s vital that you ensure that the baby’s skin is completely clean and dry. They have to spend the next few hours in close proximity to urine and their stool, and this would cause anyone irritation.

Once you have got your diaper change routine nailed, then you can look into giving the baby a soothing bath daily as part of the treatment.

What kind of bath is good for diaper rash?

A natural bath! There are lots of home remedies which you can put in your babies bath, and most of these are great for healing diaper rash.

Oatmeal Bath

Yes, oatmeal. Either raw oats in a bag in the bath or ground up the oats to make colloidal oats and let your baby soak in them. Read our full guide to how oatmeal baths are good for diaper rash. This is the easiest bath to make for your baby and usually, within a few days of starting oatmeal baths and using diaper rash cream you will see his symptoms clearing up.

Baking Soda Bath

A little baking soda in the baby’s bathwater will assist. Baking soda will assist to neutralize any acids on the skin and alleviate itching and irritation. Adding baking soda to a bath might also aid with diaper rash relief and clear up irritated skin.

Epsom Salts

These baths are magical for both adults and babies alike! Just get in one and let the days stresses melt away. For babies, the Epsom salts baths not only calm any open sores and treat irritated skin, but they can also calm an agitated baby.

Aloe Vera Bath

Another amazing home remedy to treat a baby’s skin is an aloe vera bath. Just simply put a cup of aloe vera juice or gel into the bath to soothe any skin complaint your toddler might have.

Raw Apple Cider Vinegar

A raw apple vinegar bath is known for its antifungal properties and is great for treating a yeast diaper rash, it may help it go away without the need for prescription medication. Just drop half a cup in baby’s bath and let them soak for 15 minutes.

Is warm or cold water better for diaper rash?

This one is still up in the air, but a baby will be a lot more comfortable in a warm but not hot bath. Some people feel that taking a warm bath can assist to relieve the rash, while others say warm water it would make matters worse. If you decide to bathe your kid, keep the water lukewarm and avoid using strong soaps or cleansers.

How can I get rid of diaper rashes fast?

Firstly work out what type of rash your baby has, find the cause and eliminate it.

Then treat the rash with the most appropriate treatment. For example, if your baby has a yeast infection make sure you use an apple cider vinegar bath and don’t use cornstarch. If your baby has yeast infections regularly, if using cloth diapers then make sure you are washing them and killing the yeast spores.

With disposable diapers, you can use either zinc oxide or petroleum jelly as a barrier to prevent further irritation. With cloth diapers, you will need to check our guides to safe creams for use with cloth diapers.

When you are doing diaper changes it is vital that you ensure the diaper area is thoroughly clean and dry. Air exposure is great so always try and go short periods of time with no diaper on.

Diaper wipes can be another trigger so use natural unscented baby wipes to soothe rather than irritate and always air dry your baby, they should have dry skin before you put the diaper back on. You can also just use a soft cloth and mild soap on the small red bumps.

Effective treatment for any diaper rash is a triple paste of baking soda, coconut butter and zinc oxide to make a barrier ointment.

Take Away

Bath time is not just a fun and relaxing time for your baby, it can be a great treatment for diaper rash. You can bathe your newborns or toddlers up to three times a day for severe cases until the redness is treated. At night you can also put in a few drops of lavender oil in any bath to help them sleep and calm them. As even if the pain gets worse or is accompanied by a fever call your doctor for advice.

And don’t forget mom, have a nice relaxing bath yourself!

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