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Are baths good or bad for diaper rash

Are baths good or bad for diaper rash?

You may have heard baths are great for healing babies diaper rash. Then again, you may have heard baths make a rash worse because they dry out the skin. So what’s the truth? are baths good to help with diaper rash or do they make it worse?

Home Remedies for Diaper Rash

23 Home Remedies for Diaper Rash: Natural Solutions to Get Rid of Rash Fast

Home remedies are a great way to treat a diaper rash. By using natural ingredients that you already have in your kitchen, you can soothe your child’s skin and help them feel better fast.

baby wipes guide

Reusable Baby Wipes : Everything you need to know!

Washable wipes are so easy on the environment because they help reduce landfill waste of disposable baby wipes AND they save money!

all in one nappies guide

All in One Nappy (AIO Cloth Nappies) : A Comprehensive Review

As a parent, you’re probably well aware that there are tons of options for baby nappies and diapers out there. You can find disposable or cloth diapers, and everything in between. With so many choices to choose from it’s hard to know what the best option is for your child. We’ll take a look at…

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Can Desitin Cause Diaper Rash

Can Desitin Cause Diaper Rash?

Read about whether or not DESITIN can cause diaper rash.

Can I Put Diaper Rash Cream on a Yeast Infection

Can I Put Diaper Rash Cream on a Yeast Infection? – What You Need to Know

Trying to treat a yeast infection with diaper rash cream? Find out if it’s safe and effective or if you should see a doctor.

Can Heat Cause Diaper Rash

Can Heat Cause Diaper Rash?

The short answer is yes, heat can cause diaper rash. In this article, we’ll go into more detail and give you tips on how to avoid diaper rashes while keeping your baby comfortable in hot weather.

Can You Put Diaper Cream on Heat Rash

Can You Put Diaper Cream on Heat Rash?

If you’re wondering whether or not to put diaper cream on a heat rash, we’ve got the answer for you!

Can Diaper Rash Cream Be Used As Sunscreen

Can Diaper Rash Cream Be Used as Sunscreen?

You should use diaper rash cream only for treating diaper rash. It is not meant to be used as sunscreen. Find out why it’s not as good as an actual sunscreen and how you can protect yourself from the rays of the sun using other methods!

Can Walker Cause Diaper Rash

Can Walker Cause Diaper Rash?

Learn about the possible link between baby walkers and diaper rashes.